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Jewellery Tips For The Mother Of The Bride

For the Mother of the bride or the MOB as she is popularly known, Catherines of Partick offers you choices from a collection of designs by Condici, John Charles, Ian Stuart, Cabotine & Zeila, Ispirato, Ann Bolan. These designers have created a line that is called Mother of the Bride collection.

Gone are the days when you had to stick to beige. You can experiment with any style that is yours including sartorial.

From Condici, a blossom or cream coloured short, layered dress could be the right fit for you or a paneled knee length lace dress and jacket in navy blue might be your choice if you like deep hues. If you like appliqué and purple, then pair them with our dress that will turn heads.

Whatever be your choice, sartorial, glamorous or otherwise, we have a vast selection that is up for sale this wedding season.

Accessorising your dress right will complete the ensemble for the wedding day. Jewellery, shoes and matching purses to go with that perfect dress: are available at our store.

> The MOB doesnt have to stick to pearls with her boring beige dress.

Catherines of Partick is running sale of wedding dresses by MOB designers such as Condici, John Charles, Ian Stuart and others.

After the bride and the groom, it is yours to hog the limelight on their special day. Make it special for the couple by dressing right.

> Keep it modern:

Be fashion forward when accessorising. Choose jewellery that is modern. Select from gemstones that are colorful and interesting. Ear and neck pieces along with bracelets that go with the wedding theme will complete the trousseau for you.

Refrain from choosing cheap or tacky stuff. Contemporary and custom made is different from what is available at the roadside or a teenager store. Pearl still rules but you can also choose from white gold or sterling silver.

> Wear lively jewellery:

The right jewelry can help shave off a few years off your life. Keep a note on the shape of your face when you choose ear pieces. In addition, go light if your dress is sequined or beaded or has heavy work. If the dress is simpler, then choose jewellery that is heavier.

Match the jewellery with wedding color theme:

Since you would have matched your dress to go with the theme, it is now easier to go for jewellery that matches the theme. Select gemstones which are available in variety of colours and hues. Choose an outfit that matches the party. It's best to retain your identity as the MOB.

> Choose colors that compliment:

Is the wedding a formal event or a more relaxed one? Depending on the style, choose the fabric, length, print and colour of your outfit. Avoid going overboard with prints and patterns. Weddings are characterised by simple, solid colors, dress to compliment the occasion. Pick a color that suits you and then accessorise it with Mother of the Bride Jewellery. Keep whites and similar hues at bay for this day. This is a memorable occasion for your daughter. Make it special for her.

The Different Meditation Techniques

Although different meditation enthusiasts may not always practice the same meditation technique, whats important is to understand that all of the different techniques are designed to promote emotional positivity, develop an individuals ability to focus, and cultivate the mindfulness skills as well.

In the following video, youll learn more about the benefits of meditation.

There are lots of Buddhist schools that use different meditation techniques. Some of the most commonly used techniques are active meditation and the deep breathing technique. Another meditation technique that is considered as one of the most commonly used is called the mindfulness of breathing. According to meditation expert Kamalashila, there are five basic meditation techniques that are used to fight the five main obstacles to enlightenment, which include lack of knowledge, food cravings, distraction, conceit and hatred.

Mindfulness of breathing is a technique that is aimed at improving a persons concentration skills. The other basic meditation techniques include the Metta Bhavana, which is used to neutralize hatred and develop the loving kindness in a person; the Contemplation Of Impermanence, which helps develop inner peace and the feeling of freedom, and help fight food craving as well; the Six Element Practice, is also helpful in fighting food cravings, and in helping a person achieve a sense of clarity; and lastly the Contemplation of Conditionality, a vissapana meditation that is an antidote to ignorance, and is aimed at developing knowledge and compassion.

Theres another set of meditation techniques that consist of 5 types of Zen. This is classified by Zen master Kuei-Feng Tsung Mi. The first type is called the bonpu or bompu zen. This is also known as common or usual zen. This is a type of meditation that is used for achieving physical and mental wellness. The second type of Zen is called the gedo zen, which means an outside way . This is used for non-Buddhist purposes, which means that this technique is practiced outside of Buddhist teachings. The third type of zen is the shojo zen, which is also known as the hinayana practice or the small vehicle. This is a type of meditation that is used when searching for nirvana or self-liberation. The fourth type is the daijo zen, which is also known as the great practice zen or the great vehicle. This is used in searching for nirvana or self-liberation. The fifth type of Zen is called the saijojo zen. This is also known as the easy and perfect zen or the supreme vehicle. This is considered as the highest form of the Zen practice.