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An Overview Of Chinese Horoscope Ox Characteristics

The Chinese astrology Zodiac is made up of 12 animal signs with twelve different animals representing combinations of year, element and colour. One of these is the Ox (my sign). The Ox is a symbol of attentiveness in Chinese culture. Inhabitants born beneath the sign of the Ox are normally honest, inventive, hard working, determined, cautious, tolerant and handling things gradually. On the other side Ox people might be intractable, narrow-minded, unresponsive, and discriminatory and have poor communication skills.

The Ox people are those who often see themselves in the same position or condition for longer periods than the others. Whether they are in a relationship, work or a particular phase of their life, the Ox is built to both endure and be successful.

The Ox personality type also fits anyone for whom discipline is a second personality. They can maintain a level of job and a state of mind for longer than many of their peers, both in their individual and professional lives.

The Ox refocuses their mind slowly but they will return to a more steady and happy state after some times. It basically takes them longer than the others to outline what is the best path for them therefore once they do they become more strong and indomitable. This can be clearly seen in this example here Ox forecast that can be read and studied.

Personality - Ox plays significant role in the grassroots life, with no ox's hard work in agriculture, being society could not makes fast advancement. Since they act slowly though having strong will and are hard-working, people born in the ox year also have such kind of character. No matter how horrible the environment is and what people say, they usually go on to do things doggedly one step at a time and eventually finish.

Interpersonal relationship - the Ox is very slow to let others in and this is due to the fact that they look to defend those that are close to them. Therefore this makes them amazing friends but difficult associates, as the conversion from one to the other is not as fluid as it may be with other people.

Career and money - Ox are people who will always work best when they are in a position or employment where they can control for a long period of time. The short-term positions and project will make them uncomfortable and as such they occasionally have problems advancing through the first phases of their career. When that period is over, an Ox will be ideal in any role that requires a deep and narrow field of understanding.

Sign compatibility - the Ox are most compatible with the Rat zodiac sign who will be very trustworthy for the Ox. There is also a lesser compatibility with other signs. For example, the Rooster will think alike and live in accord with Ox and the Snake will think alike and live in harmony with Ox.

Aquarius Personality Traits

Aquarius personality traits offer a heady mix of the strong need for independence and the extreme need for freedom. These two specific traits are relatively more pronounced in different genders. So what are the main characteristics of an Aquarius person?. Let's read on.

1. The Aquarius Man

The Aquarius male personality puts more emphasis on the independent characteristics of this water sign. They need their freedom like we need oxygen to breathe. It is difficult to tie an Aquarius male down and the attempt to do so will be met with resistance and even result in them running from any situation where they feel trapped.

The Aquarius man is also a free-thinker - he often thinks outside of the box. He likes to be alone but not lonely and is often the source of entertainment, laughter and fun at social gatherings. They have happy-go-lucky personalities that often lead to a lack of forward planning. They can also be very impulsive and take off without any warning or letting people know where they are going or what they are up to.

Allowing the Aquarius man his freedom and independence in a relationship will bring out his loving and caring characteristics.

2. The Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius female has all the independent characteristics associated with her male counterpart but the fun characteristics seem to be more pronounced in a woman. She is friendly, outgoing and mischievous. This type of woman will rebel against norms and regulations, especially of she feels that they may impinge on her freedom.

She is outspoken and intelligent, offering her opinions and beliefs freely. The Aquarius woman likes time to herself to think and develop her deep set of beliefs. If you challenge their opinions or beliefs, you are in for a good argument or debate. They always believe that they are right, even when they are wrong.

Their friendly and affectionate nature makes them attractive relationship partners but their impulse to flee constraints could be difficult to tame. This makes them unpredictable and seemingly lacking in common sense.

3. Compatible Signs

Aquarians are attracted to the fun-loving and free nature of other Aquarians. Gemini women who love to socialize and won't constrain the Aquarian personality provides the best match. The sensual nature of a Libra star sign is also compatible with Aquarius. Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer signs are the least compatible with Aquarius while Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo will cause the Aquarian to run from a relationship eventually.

Keep You Parent's Together As They Age

In simple terms, continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) refer to life care communities that offer assisted living, nursing home care and independent living all in one campus. They are usually located to nearby hospitals where acute care is available. Its recommended for older adults or senior citizens to move in to CCRC when theyre healthy so it is easier and less expensive as they require more services due to aging.

Its worth mentioning that settings may vary. However, most have a common dining room, outdoor recreation center, swimming pools, gyms and activity centers. Most have several social events and activities to choose from. There are also outings to nearby attractions and events, such as a nearby opera. Depending on the size of the community, living spaces may include cottages, houses, townhouses, clusters, apartments and duplexes.

There are many benefits to living in a continuing life care communities. When an older adult couple is living in a CCRC, it reduces the worry for both the residents and their loved ones. There are many couples who live in these communities for decades and they go through many senior years without experiencing any health problems. When health issues do arise, one spouse can be moved to an area with specialized care but with the opportunity for visits from the other. This way they can stay together even as health problems during aging.

In most communities, staff members are professional and experienced. However, residents can choose to take care of themselves and live as independently as they want, or choose what level of care they need. Here is an example of a life care facility. The flexibility allows for freedom without the constraints of focused communities. While living in a CCRC, residents also become aware of their overall health, needs and requirements.

Experts believe that a housekeeper is often the first person to notice the change in a residents lifestyle or health. This allows the staff members in CCRC to offer required help and assistance without wasting any time. The staff members also ease transition from one level of care to another.

In cases where one spouse passes away, they prove to be quite beneficial and comfortable for widows and widowers. According to experts, when a spouse dies, the widower or widow starts self-isolating while grieving. While other residents never impose themselves on widows or widowers, they can provide a network of people to talk to that understand what is happening and how it feels. This helps build a social network that keeps people motivated. The same is true for divorcees and individuals separated from family due to distance.

Its worth mentioning that health and wellness centers in continuing care retirement communities have a wide range of senior living activities to help residents continue to lead an active life. In a regular life care community, this can be very hard to coordinate, but a community-centered, engaging lifestyle keeps residents healthy. Take the time to visit their websites, look at reviews and most importantly visit the communities.

These days, you can choose from a wide range of continuing care retirement communities. Understanding that most healthcare services are offered within the community is reassuring for residents. Therefore, you should conduct thorough research to find a place that fits your needs and expectations.

Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Bad Habits That Can Seriously Harm Your Relationship

When it comes to building a relationship with a special someone that you love and care for, its sometimes inevitable to encounter problems and discover bad habits that can cause serious harm to your relationship. Its important for you to identify what these habits are, so youll be able to find ways that can effectively help you deal with these.

One of the most common habits that can seriously hurt a relationship is jealousy. Its unhealthy for someone to always have doubts against their partner. There may be some cases wherein a partners suspicion is true. However, it doesnt always mean that whenever you suspect your partner of having another intimate relationship with another person, your suspicion is true. If you are always thinking about the idea that your partner is with someone else, then this can turn as a bad habit. Its important for you to be reasonable about this; otherwise youd only be making your partner feel that theyre not worth your trust.

Whenever your partner is talking to you, its important for you to listen. By paying attention, youre making your loved one feel that youre interested in what he or she has to stay, and that you care so much for them. When you dont listen with care, and only choose what you want to hear, this can make your partner feel hurt. Its common to see many couples who do not pay enough attention to each other. If you make it a habit to not listen carefully to your partner, then youll be doing more harm than good to your relationship. One of the best ways to help you learn how to listen mindfully is to join a mindfulness class. This is where youll be able to learn from a good mindfulness coach about how to communicate mindfully.

In a long-term relationship, some people end up developing bad habits. This is especially true when people tend to be too dependent on their partners. When they get the habit of being overly reliant to their partner, what usually happens is that theyll eventually lose the ability to depend on themselves. If you find yourself getting too dependent on your partner, its important for you to realize that this is an unhealthy habit. Make an effort at learning to take care of yourself, so youll also learn how you can take care of your partner.

Its natural to have arguments from time to time. This is one way of dealing with your differences, which then gives both you and your partner a chance to settle things. Realize that you may not agree on everything, but you can always choose to talk about it and compromise. This can somehow help both of you grow, and perhaps bring out the best in each other. However, the problem about having arguments is when you yell to each other, or show other aggressive behaviour like throwing away things or hitting something. Also, when you bring up old issues that can only make your argument even worse, this can turn out to be really hurtful for both of you.

Asking questions, making requests, or repeatedly telling your partner something is alright, just as long as youre not being a nag. Understand that getting into the habit of nagging your partner is unhealthy. Find ways to stop nagging. Instead of being a nag, learn how you can communicate effectively instead.

In order to help keep you maintain a healthy relationship, its really important to continue finding ways to get rid of bad habits. Understand that the key to improving your relationship is to constantly be sensitive enough to notice bad habits, and be more than willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of it.

Drunk Driver Arrested After Failed Breathalyzer Test

The police have arrested a driver aged 42 on Friday night who caused a traffic accident that killed a four and a half month old baby. The accident occurred at mile marker 25 of route A1A, at the height of a severe thunder storm. The driver was arrested after blowing a BAC of 0.18 into an evidential breathalyzer at the police station. This was more than twice the legal limit (0.08).

According to the police, the driver registered a rate of 0.18 blood alcohol concentration on the first breathalyzer test which was submitted right after the accident and 0.19 on the second test. The driver, who was unhurt and was traveling accompanied by another person who had not been hurt in the accident, has been arrested and taken to the police station jail temporary holding facility, where the police will testify and hopefully bring justice to the driver.

According to police sources the accused detainee will be charged with two offenses: driving while under the influence, and reckless homicide. They will also investigate to see if the driver has had any previous offenses. Regardless of whether or not he had any prior charges his life will never be the same. He may spend time in prison but he will have to live with the knowledge that he was responsible for the death of a child. That will bring him more pain than any punishment the court can impose.

The accident occurred shortly before 10 pm today at Delray Beach, entrance to A1A. This caused a major traffic jam as tourists travelled bumper to bumper causing a huge gaper block.

Driving in the front car was a 35 year old mother. Her four and a half month old daughter died after being caught and crushed between the back seat and the back of the passenger seat. People often don't realize the severity of the consequences of driving drunk. They just don't think anything will ever happen to them. Once they reach the point of euphoria (about 0.05% BAC) they lose their inhibitions and do things that are just plain stupid.

Sadly, this accident could have been prevented if the driver had obeyed the rules in the first place. Had he owned a breathalyzer like the ones found at breathalyzers usa and tested prior to getting behind the wheel of his car he would have been aware that his alcohol levels were too high. Always have a designated driver if you are unsure of your levels of alcohol, or better yet never get behind the wheel if you have been drinking. Drinking and Driving is dangerous and can cause injuries and death.

Can A Gemini Love Horoscope Be Helpful For You?

Horoscopes speak of the alignment of stars and planets and how they affect different aspects of an individual's everyday life. In general, the earth transits around the sun and during different portions of the year, is considered being in a different sun sign. People born under such a designated sign are most affected by such influences.

For instance, if you are a Gemini; that is, born between May 21 through June 20th, then you probably have a very active and agile mind, are quick to action, and are communication-oriented. Gemini is ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury. You seldom will hear about love and romance unless you seek it out.

So, horoscopes help you determine when those small windows of time for love and romance open up to you. Otherwise, you are throwing darts in the dark. Cancer is a great life teacher that balances and slows down eager hustle-oriented Gemini. It is a good balance to the twins.

Another reason to listen to horoscopes is because Mercury goes retrograde, it is a little tougher on Geminis because communication is their "super power". When it goes retrograde it means that it is a time to stall action, re-think communication, and to take a step out of the communication pool wherever possible.

Note here that you have two main reasons to follow your love forecasting by the stars. Mercury is a tiny planet closest to the sun and goes retrograde an awful lot during the course of our planetary year. Yes, you want to know when it happens.

Suddenly the quick-to-react Gemini is burdened with possibly placing his or her foot in her mouth in front of an audience, thanks to Mercury retrograde. If you have a head's up it gives you a little extra notice that your normal gaffes and impulsiveness will have worse consequences than usual.

Avoid fights and drama by listening to horoscopes. Geminis have a tough road, and listening to horoscopes about yourself might sting and smart. Yet, it can also be what saves yourself from undue embarrassment, shame, missed opportunities, doors slamming in your face, etc.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being imperfect and learning from life's lessons. Life is about learning. Yet, do you really want to have everyone watch as you learn your hardest life lesson? Probably not, especially if it is a room full of colleagues, and was your ticket to your promotion.