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My Birthday Present Help My Self Esteem! The Best Year Ever!!!

A couple of years ago, I got the absolute best gift ever from my amazing sister and best friend. Helen knew that I had been struggling with self-esteem issues and trying to grow as a person. I thought she was going to get me that cute little sweater at the mall that I had hinted about. Wrong!

Instead, she got me something that has paid off tremendously. She got me an astrology consultation packaged as a four week session. It began with a solar return reading, which was all about my birthday year ahead. Not only did she pay for me, she even gave me a ride each week so that I did not have to worry about that part of it. I don't drive so, transportation after the buses run is a real hassle.

I could not believe how much I learned. This was truly the best gift I have ever received for my birthday because it allowed me the opportunity to really begin to learn about myself and how I can grow as a person.

Before the class, I was always trying to please other people and I didn't think about myself and what I needed. If someone at work asked for help on a project, I would willingly take on more than my share. While I worked late, my coworkers were often doing other things, knowing that I would ensure the job got done.

No more! Today, I work on my own projects and only take on what is good for me. Well, for the most part. I do still make mistakes sometimes and that is certainly okay. I am human and allowed to make mistakes. That is all part of what I have learned and am still learning about myself.

I have also started exercising regularly and took up a hobby that I hadn't been involved in since I was a kid. I used to love playing with clay, and have discovered that I have quite the knack for making stuff out of polymer. So far it is just stuff for myself and friends but I am thinking about starting a little side business with it as well.

I am so, so glad that she took me to that astrologer and discovered so much from in the astrology world . It is the best present I have ever received and it has completely transformed my life. Everyone should feel this great all the time!


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