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Astrologer William Lillys Life And His Astounding London Fire Prediction

William Lilly was born in 1602 in Leicestershire, England. As he grew older his family fell on difficult financial times forcing him to take work in London with an elderly couple. When he turned 17, he discovered horary astrology. His passion for the subject led him to read all that he could about it. He even had a large private library of books on astrology.

By the 1630s, he took his knowledge about astrology and began practicing it as a science. He also then began studying occult matters. After five years he had perfected his skills as an astrologer. He then began writing and publishing almanacs. These almanacs contained many predictions some of which actually came to pass.

In 1644 his first almanac accurately predicted that the King of England would be defeated in a battle in 1645. This led to his almanacs becoming ever more popular in England. By 1647 he completed and published a set of books called Christian Astrology. By the time of the famous London fire in September 1666 Lilly was the most famous astrologer in all of England.

It turns out that years earlier, he accurately predicted the London fire complete with illustrations in one of his almanacs. As a result he was suspected of having set the fire. He had to be called into court to prove his innocence. He proved this with the help of another occultist who was famous in England at the time.

One of his books is still thought of as the ultimate resource for horary astrology. It has yet to be out-of-print. His specialty in astrology was that of horary astrology. This is a form of astrology where charts are drawn based on questions that are asked. Those charts are specifically based on the location and time where those questions are being asked.

By the time the 1670s arrived, he was licensed to practice medicine. He used his abilities to serve the poor and disenfranchised. He very rarely charged patients for his services. The term that is still used today by physicians all over when referring to a patient chart for their medical records comes from the chart from astrology. A special astrology chart would be drawn for when the person feel ill to help the doctor diagnose the problem.

He continued publishing his yearly almanacs while practicing medicine. He had a so-called adopted son who, after Lilly fell ill later on in the 1670s, aided him in crossing over. He died on June 9, 1681, and is still considered to be one of the greatest astrologers of all time especially for his prediction regarding the Great Fire.

How Divination Tools That Develop Intuition Can Help You To Be More Confident And Successful

Divination is the art of being able to foretell the future and future events through intuitive means. Centuries ago there were shamans and respected guides who were allegedly able to foretell the future, sometimes with the help of psychedelic substances that put them in an altered state of mind.

People would pay respect to the elders to find out what their futures held and seek guidance on personal decisions. Great value was placed upon individuals with esoteric knowledge of the future and kings and queens would employ astrologers and others at their castles to help prevent unfortunate incidents from occurring.

Unfortunately, along with all of their responsibility, they were in trouble if the predictions that they made didn't happen. So responsible in fact, that they risked losing their heads over wrong predictions.

Thankfully, today, that isn't the case. Everyone is born with an intuition. That sixth sense that tells you something or someone is off. Something just isn't right.

It can be hard at first to tune into your intuition. If it's not really what you want, it's easy to "turn it off" and pretend you never felt that way.

This is a form of divination. It's an inner intuition that many have learned to develop and focus on in their lives. Everyone has it, some are just much better at learning to listen to it and at developing it.

There are many forms of divination. They can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes like tarot cards, numerology and more. Astro-guide is a form of divination to some. Others use runes or fortune tellers to help determine their future and their lives.

What if you can develop your own divination tools and learn to listen to your innermost intuition? It's entirely possible.

Consider the last time you second guessed yourself. Perhaps you thought you should check your tires before you left but you didn't, then, you had a flat.

This was a form of intuition or divination. You ignored it and now you're stranded somewhere and saying, "I knew I should've checked my tires". This is what you need to learn to listen to. That innermost intuition that tells you something yet, you ignored.

Take a few moments and think back over your life. How often have you second guessed yourself? How many times in the course of your life have you thought "I should've..." or "I wish I'd gone with my gut instinct..."?

If you see a pattern, it's time to step back and focus on developing your divination tools and clean out your mental tool box.

Children and pets can be extremely intuitive. They use these skills on a daily basis. Consider the pet or child that doesn't like someone and then, a short time later, you find out that the person was guilty of a serious crime. That was their divine intuition speaking to them.

Sadly, as we age, we tend to get caught up in other things and our intuition becomes clouded. We tend to ignore it and do as we please or worse, we ignore it and get hurt.

Realistic Ideas For Your Spiritual Path

When it comes to spirituality, your spiritual path is one you take all on your own. It's a personal and private walk between you and your higher being.

Whether you choose to focus on yourself and your spiritual walk or your relationship with others is all up to you. Many believe that they can't have a spiritual life while they are leading a life of materialism.

Many people are so desperate for some form of spiritualism that they fail to follow the tenants of what they believe in and instead follow the crowd.

This isn't an individualistic spiritualistic path. It's wise to focus on what benefits you in your spiritual walk than what others think and believe.

Keep in mind that what works well for some, may not work well for others. It's not all black and white like many believe it to be. Some recommendations could be perfect for you while others may not feel real Astrology is one way that uncovers a spiritual path that suits the journey that your soul took on in this lifetime.

Everyone has their own belief when it comes to spirituality, even those of the same faith. Some may believe every detail of a religion's tenants while others may have their own altered view of the religious tenants.

Your private and personal path is just that, your own. You get to direct whether or not you choose to believe in any of the organized religions or something else.

Keep in mind that it should be simple and easy for you to follow. If you believe in leading a simple life, then by all means, do so. It will help you to focus on your own spiritual path.

Focus on what has meaning to you instead of simply settling for what society deems as the only way. Less than one hundred years ago people held strict beliefs and refused to budge in the slightest for differences in views.

Everyone was insecure and felt that they had to sway others to their beliefs. The truth is, it's not about swaying others to your beliefs; it's about feeling comfortable in your own beliefs and leading the life of spirituality that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Many people prefer to avoid extremes and refuse to discuss both politics and religion as they feel that both of these topics are far too personal to enter into in a casual discussion.

Choosing your own path should be realistic to you, it's not important what others think nor is it important how they feel about your choices as long as your choices are based on your personal convictions and beliefs.