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Entertainment For Your Wedding Reception

Many couples will choose a traditional form of entertainment, such as a wedding singer, a wedding band or perhaps a disc jockey, when planning entertainment for a wedding reception. Music, as a form of entertainment for a wedding party is a must, but what about the guests who do not dance? These should also be catered for. These are some suggestions on how to add fun forms of entertainment to your wedding reception to entertain all your guests.

One of the bridegrooms friends and one of the brides friends could get together and create a fun newspaper which tracks the lives of the bride and groom. They would get photographs of the bride and groom at various stages of their lives from their families. These could include baby photographs, first day in school photographs, graduate photographs and any other photographs of interest. The photographs would be used along with humorous text to write funny articles about the couple. I copy of the newspaper would be left on each of the guests tables and the best man could read some of the articles during his speech. A variation on this could be to make a video using music and photos of the bride and groom as they were growing up. A videographer would be able to put together this type of video. The video could be played at the reception and it would be a nice souvenir for the bride and groom to remind them of their wedding day.

Some couples will want to set up a games area either inside or outside the wedding reception venue. The inside games area could consist of classic arcade games, that people have been playing for the last few decades. A pool or billiards table, and air hockey table or a table tennis table are other games that would suit an indoor games area. Games can also be set up in the garden or yard of the reception venue. Big versions of checkers, chess and Jenja are outdoor games which are very popular in these types of parties. Games, like horseshoe tossing or throwing hoops are perfect when there is a big lawn at the venue.

When the guests enter the reception area, they will tend to gather in small groups chatting to the people that they already know. You will want interaction between the guests and a good way to do this, is to install a photo booth in the area where the visitors will gather. A photo booth is a fun way of taking photographs using humorous props which can be themed in the wedding style. Photo booths rentals are also equipped with green screen technology which can place interesting backgrounds on each photo or video. Photo booths can be hired from wedding accessory firms who will deliver, set up and operate the equipment.

A dance competition could be set up, where dancers can compete against each other for a prize. As the dancers will be trying to outdo each other, it will be a spectacle for dancers and non-dancers alike. If you want to set up a dance competition, your DJ would be the perfect person to organise music compilations and organise the dance competition.

As you will want all your guests to go home happy and talking about how good your wedding reception was, it is very important that you have entertainment at your wedding that entertains all the guests. I hope that these ideas will give you some inspiration.


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