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How To Pick The Best Wedding Chair Covers To Buy?

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life, so it just makes sense to be meticulous on every detail and element of this joyous occasion. You have to be very thorough in planning for the wedding to ensure that everything will flow together perfectly. One of the things that you have to decide on is the best wedding chair covers to buy. In that case, you can make the right decision if you consider the following important factors:

1. The Type of Chair Cover When deciding which wedding chair covers to buy, you have to study the different types of chair covers and their individual benefits. There are two major types of chair covers that you can use for a wedding - the elastane and the loose drop covers. Elastane covers are great options since they can fit tightly around chairs, thereby creating a sleek and elegant look.

Loose drop covers, on the other hand, are considered to be more readily available and more popular than elastane. This chair cover hangs loosely over the chairs. Loose drop covers are attractive, durable and easy to use. You can also add sashes that you can fit around the chairs backrests to finish the design. Both loose drop and elastane chair covers have their own benefits, so consider basing your decision on your wedding theme and your budget.

2. Price Another important factor to consider is the price. Find out how much chair cover rental companies charge their clients. Compare the prices of different companies, so you can settle with a cheaper option that offers the same service. However, note that your inquiry regarding pricing should not only revolve around the price per cover. It is also crucial to ask whether they have additional charges in case you want to rent those covers with customized designs.

You may ask if there is an additional fee in case you want to add a specific design to the cover. This will prevent you from getting surprised once you make the actual payment. You should also ask if they offer discounts on bulk orders.

3. Color and Size You also need to make sure that the color and size of your chosen wedding chair covers perfectly suit the theme of the occasion. While chair covers are available in various colors, note that the most popular ones are ivory, cream and white. Make sure to match the color to your table linens.

A wise tip is to add a sash since it can serve as an accent. If your table linens are off-white, cream or ivory, avoid choosing white covers since this color can only make the linens look dirty. In terms of size, you have to pick one that fits perfectly on the chair. Note that ill-fitting covers will only make the covers look untidy and rumpled.

By carefully considering the mentioned factors, choosing the most ideal wedding chair covers to buy for the most awaited event in your life will be a lot easier.


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