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The Significance Of Play In A Chula Vista Preschool Program

Some of you may have the notion that play is just for amusement at a San Diego preschool. Children who go to preschool really have fun because they have tons of recreation time, but preschool play is not just for funs sake.

Play time is actually learning time for preschool children. They may just be running around with classmates during activities supervised by their teacher, but recreational activities actually develop a lot of skills in children such as:

- Communication

- Motor and movement

- Self-esteem

- Socialization

Sending a child to preschool will allow him to meet and interact with teachers, school staff and classmates. His communication skills will be honed when he participates in various play activities. He will learn to listen to instructions, speak out and explain himself to his classmates and teachers.

A preschool toddler will also develop his skills in holding and gripping objects. He will learn to coordinate his body parts better. His participation in physical activities will boost his balance and speed when walking and running.

Solo and group activities will surely develop a childs self-confidence. He will be inspired to stack blocks and finish a puzzle. He will also push himself to do his best in group events so that his team will win.

Finally, a childs social skills will be developed all because of play. His teachers will guide him to limit his outbursts when he is frustrated by failure. His teachers will also direct him to play fair and be respectful toward his peers and elders.

Play as a Key Factor in Child Care in San Diego

The main aim of preschool play time is to provide a positive experience for children. Such affirmative experience involves making them happy, developing their skills, and giving them valuable life lessons.

In recent years, preschool programs have been boosted by added play. This has become beneficial in developing the skills of children at an early age.

Play time is not just limited to games of chasing, playing with blocks, and completing puzzles. There are various activities that children can get into. They can have role-playing games replete with costumes and props.

They can play with small stuffed toys, marbles and stones. They can make art by using crayons, paint, pencils, oil pastels, clay, sequins and yarn. They can also get into dynamic activities at the playground and may use jump ropes, balls and bikes.

It is important for teachers and school staff to be at the helm whenever they are holding activities for children. They should talk to their students after every activity to make sure that the kids learned something new.

Looking for a Chula Vista Preschool that Values Play

You do not have to look far for a preschool, which puts a premium on play time. There are several preschools in Chula Vista that promote the importance of play in a curriculum.

Such preschools believe that by providing a balance of play and academics, students can explore possibilities and learn new things. They can also develop the skills needed for primary school.

Preschools that put prime importance on play also value the safety of their students. They ensure the cleanliness and safety of the schools toys, equipment and recreational spaces. The teachers and school staff are hands-on in supervising the kids.

Extra Classes from the Best Preschools in San Diego

A San Diego preschool may go the extra mile by offering enrichment classes. Children receive additional recreational time when they attend extra classes. They also get to learn new things that other preschoolers do not get to discover.

Some San Diego schools provide numerous extra classes at an early education level. The common enrichment classes are:

- Gymnastics

- Soccer

- Basketball

- Arts and crafts

- Building blocks

Aspiring gymnasts are in for a treat as they are taught to enhance their fitness, coordination and flexibility. Children who sign up for this special program will experience games that incorporate music and tumbling.

Those kids on the athletic side but are not into gymnastics can try playing soccer and basketball. Aside from learning the basics of these goal games, they will also learn about the importance of self-confidence and teamwork.

Dance classes hold dancing-related games and teach the basics of tap and ballet. Music classes, meanwhile, teach simple songs. Arts and crafts classes provide various drawing and coloring activities for children.

Another interesting class makes use of building blocks. This extra class aims to hone the skills of children in science, mathematics, technology and engineering by building simple models of rolling vehicles, seesaws, and rafts.

Through fun activities and games, children will surely develop many skills in no time. It is advisable to consider a preschool, which offers fun learning activities. Not only will your children have so much fun in preschool, they will also learn so many things at such an early age. Check out the video below to get more info on what to look for in a preschool program:


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