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Can A Gemini Love Horoscope Be Helpful For You?

Horoscopes speak of the alignment of stars and planets and how they affect different aspects of an individual's everyday life. In general, the earth transits around the sun and during different portions of the year, is considered being in a different sun sign. People born under such a designated sign are most affected by such influences.

For instance, if you are a Gemini; that is, born between May 21 through June 20th, then you probably have a very active and agile mind, are quick to action, and are communication-oriented. Gemini is ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury. You seldom will hear about love and romance unless you seek it out.

So, horoscopes help you determine when those small windows of time for love and romance open up to you. Otherwise, you are throwing darts in the dark. Cancer is a great life teacher that balances and slows down eager hustle-oriented Gemini. It is a good balance to the twins.

Another reason to listen to horoscopes is because Mercury goes retrograde, it is a little tougher on Geminis because communication is their "super power". When it goes retrograde it means that it is a time to stall action, re-think communication, and to take a step out of the communication pool wherever possible.

Note here that you have two main reasons to follow your love forecasting by the stars. Mercury is a tiny planet closest to the sun and goes retrograde an awful lot during the course of our planetary year. Yes, you want to know when it happens.

Suddenly the quick-to-react Gemini is burdened with possibly placing his or her foot in her mouth in front of an audience, thanks to Mercury retrograde. If you have a head's up it gives you a little extra notice that your normal gaffes and impulsiveness will have worse consequences than usual.

Avoid fights and drama by listening to horoscopes. Geminis have a tough road, and listening to horoscopes about yourself might sting and smart. Yet, it can also be what saves yourself from undue embarrassment, shame, missed opportunities, doors slamming in your face, etc.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being imperfect and learning from life's lessons. Life is about learning. Yet, do you really want to have everyone watch as you learn your hardest life lesson? Probably not, especially if it is a room full of colleagues, and was your ticket to your promotion.