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Drunk Driver Arrested After Failed Breathalyzer Test

The police have arrested a driver aged 42 on Friday night who caused a traffic accident that killed a four and a half month old baby. The accident occurred at mile marker 25 of route A1A, at the height of a severe thunder storm. The driver was arrested after blowing a BAC of 0.18 into an evidential breathalyzer at the police station. This was more than twice the legal limit (0.08).

According to the police, the driver registered a rate of 0.18 blood alcohol concentration on the first breathalyzer test which was submitted right after the accident and 0.19 on the second test. The driver, who was unhurt and was traveling accompanied by another person who had not been hurt in the accident, has been arrested and taken to the police station jail temporary holding facility, where the police will testify and hopefully bring justice to the driver.

According to police sources the accused detainee will be charged with two offenses: driving while under the influence, and reckless homicide. They will also investigate to see if the driver has had any previous offenses. Regardless of whether or not he had any prior charges his life will never be the same. He may spend time in prison but he will have to live with the knowledge that he was responsible for the death of a child. That will bring him more pain than any punishment the court can impose.

The accident occurred shortly before 10 pm today at Delray Beach, entrance to A1A. This caused a major traffic jam as tourists travelled bumper to bumper causing a huge gaper block.

Driving in the front car was a 35 year old mother. Her four and a half month old daughter died after being caught and crushed between the back seat and the back of the passenger seat. People often don't realize the severity of the consequences of driving drunk. They just don't think anything will ever happen to them. Once they reach the point of euphoria (about 0.05% BAC) they lose their inhibitions and do things that are just plain stupid.

Sadly, this accident could have been prevented if the driver had obeyed the rules in the first place. Had he owned a breathalyzer like the ones found at breathalyzers usa and tested prior to getting behind the wheel of his car he would have been aware that his alcohol levels were too high. Always have a designated driver if you are unsure of your levels of alcohol, or better yet never get behind the wheel if you have been drinking. Drinking and Driving is dangerous and can cause injuries and death.


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